Luxury Soft Silicone Baby Cute Cat Phone Case For iPhone X 10

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For iPhone X

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Soft and cute cat phone case for iPhone X

This soft case has a satisfied appearance of a cute little cat with two big ears that surrounds the top edges of iPhone X. It provides a soft and gentle kind of protection to the device and no kind of scratch or wear out can happen with them. This little cute devil cat case has a warm heart that helps in absorbing the excess heat that comes out from iPhone X. Any kind of heating issue with the phone can be solved by wearing the soft case over them. It has been designed to absorb the heat and let your hands stay away from them at first place. The back part of the case has a mild rubber finish, which makes it an anti-finger print case. Also, the outer body of the case has built to stay away from any kind of accidental scratches.

The inner part of the cute little cat case has various emotions of a cat printed upon them. These small emojis portray the happy, sad, romantic and a pirate face of the cat. The case has a protection for back camera lens in iPhone X and it can help them from getting damaged.  The side volume and power lock buttons are covered up with a funny cat symbol on them. Being a soft case, it can be stretched to an extent to fit them easily into iPhone X. This flexible and soft rubber feeling of the case makes iPhone X easy to hold.


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